November 29, 2014

Fettuccine Bolognese Recipe by Wolfgang Puck

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  1. MrManny7426

    Wofgang u can kiss my mexican ass! I ended going to disney and decided to
    go to wofgang pucks cafe in downtown disney in bad could it
    be? hes wofgang puck after all, this guy owns spago, cooks at the oscars,
    has cooking shows on t.v. and sells shit in QVC..he must know whats hes
    doing right? how can i guy like wolf gang puck fuc up mac and cheese. it
    only has to ingredieants..but nooooo. wolfy has to put his bullshit
    celibrity chef twist on it and add cloves to the dish

  2. MrManny7426

    ….you should of seen the look on my family when they tasted it..and i
    coudnt tell you what my wife ordered i think it was chicken, but for all i
    know it could have been a boney parakeet served on wild rice..when i got
    the bill from the waitress i almost fell off my uncomfortable bullshit
    celebrity restaurant chair..nearly $100..i was stupid to be suckered by the
    celibrity chefs name on the restaurant..wofgang puck fuck you!